February 5th, 2011

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Smart, Driven, and/or Studious Kurt

Hi all, after reading Of Frenchmen and Fractals and re-reading for the nth time Strep Throat, I'm really in the mood for fics where Kurt's smart/studious side gets highlighted. High school or future (or even past), Dalton, McKinley, it doesn't matter. Doesn't have to be a big part either, if it's just something underlying that'd be great too. Pairing doesn't matter and it could be gen too. Thanks!
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Glee Mpreg Promotion

gleempreg is a new community striving to bring you all of you Mpreg needs within the Glee fandom! We welcome all pairings and genres so long as Mpreg remains a part of the story/art/discussion. Please come join us and bring us all your mpreg, we would love to have your fics, art, videos, recs, discussion, or anything else you can think of!

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Mechanic and Cheerio Kurt

 If anyone could recommend some fics focusing on  Kurt being a mechanic and working in his dads shop or knowing how to fix his friends cars that would be great.

I would also like to read some fics focusing on Kurt's time as a cheerio or the reaction of the Dalton boys to Kurt having been a cheerio.

Thanks in advance!
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Specific fic search, Blaine's not allowed to date Kurt

Hello, I'm looking for a specific fic for a friend. The basic summary is that Wes and David have forbidden Blaine from making a move on Kurt, because of all the disastrous 'relationships' he's had in the past. They don't want him ruining things with Kurt because they like him. In the end he asks why he can't be with Kurt when he really really likes him and Wes and David basically say 'Wait, you like him? We just thought you wanted to have sex with him. If you like him go for it', which makes Blaine very happy.

It MIGHT be a 5+1 (or a 3+1) fic, but I'm not entirely certain.

Thanks in advance!