January 29th, 2011


Specific Fic Search: Rachel, Finn, Kurt/Blaine, and Mercedes Future!fic

I'm looking for a specific future!fic with four vignettes:

-Rachel is in New York, and she's either an understudy or vocal coach to a performer she's watching on stage.

-Finn is a teacher in South Dakota, lying in bed with his cutely snoring wife and thinking about his two kids sleeping in the room down the hall.

-Kurt and Blaine live in London, Kurt has a tiny shop where he dreams up and sews his own fashion designs, Blaine is a professor, and they dance together to the radio.

-Mercedes has a recording contract and always wears Kurt's designs to red carpet events, but her vignette is actually a little sad.

It's possible that this may only be on ff.net, which I cannot navigate for the life of me, hence why I can't find it again.

Found! Dream a Little Dream Of Me: http://community.livejournal.com/kurt_blaine/81125.html

Kurt Glee Club Friendshi

Okay, sorry if I do this wrong, its my first time posting.  I have been looking for TWO days I cannot find this fic anywhere.  They were asked to do something for a church, I think (maybe Quinn's church), and Kurt ended up not being invited.  Eventually, Quinn ended up singing "Epiphany" from Bare and Kurt sang the solo from Defying Gravity.  Can anyone help??

Specific searches

I have two fics I really want to re-read. They both involve school shootings and Kurt.
THe first one has Kurt getting shot out by the dumpster by Jacob I think.
The other has Kurt still a cheerleader and two guys come to shoot all the jocks, Kurt ends up shot and starts singing songs like Stole, and So Happy I could Die.
If you guys find them that would be great!
Glee: Oooh Baby Baby

Looking for specific Kurt/Finn and Kurt/Puck fics, smutty.

Hi, I'm looking for two fics, and for both of them all I can remember are smutty details.

The first one is Finn/Kurt and the only detail I can remember is that they are having sex and that Kurt comes breathily saying "Finn Hudson". I'm pretty sure I've only seen this in one fic and I'd like to reread it and for the life of me I can remember any other details from this fic! 
Found: Perfect; You're Not

The second is a Puck/Kurt fic where Burt is being overprotective of Kurt and makes a rule that no part of Puck is going into Kurt for a certain time period (I think until prom or something like that, I'm not sure). They get around this rule by having Puck go down on Kurt. Shortly after that when Burt comes home and asks how Kurt's day was Kurt nonchalantly mentions a blow job. Burt gets pissed at Kurt for breaking his rule, they Kurt goes off on his Dad for automatically assuming that he was on the giving end and treating him like a girl.

Either of these sound framiliar?
Taylor Swift 1

Kurt, Puck & Finn stuck in elevator - claustrophobia

I'm looking for a fic where the kids are on a field trip and Kurt, Puck and Finn end up getting stuck in an elevator, and due to years of dumpster tossing and the like, Kurt has developed claustrophobia. It's not completely focused on Kurt - there's a reasonable amount of Puck-Finn interaction too.

Thanks. :)