January 18th, 2011

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Blaine gets a cold at Dalton and Kurt takes care of him

Hi all-

This community is wonderful! I am looking for a fic that I remember reading a fic where Kurt goes to Dalton and Blaine gets a cold and hides out in his room for 3 days. Kurt goes to his room to check on him and takes care of him.... I think that Blaine and Kurt get together either right before or just after that scene happens. I can't think of it for the life of me. Thanks in advance for your help.

*EDIT: I remembered some more details....I believe the one I was looking for had Kurt not seeing Blaine for three days and going to look for him. I believe he also cleans his room up as well.*

Looking for specific Faberrittana Verse

I am looking for a rather long faberrittana verse but I can't remember the author, only that it was on LJ  and that one of the fics was really sad and about the foursom growing old together and ultimately them passing away. They definitely had at least one child (a girl I think), and I think there was another story in the verse where one or two of them took their grandkids to a waterworld - I think one was Santana. (I'm not 100% certain about the waterworld thing, so I may be wrong about that being in the same verse)

Specific Quinn abondons Beth Fic

I am looking for a fic where Quinn leaves her baby (I don't remember if the author called her Beth but I'm going to for explanation purposes) with Rachel one day and then never comes back, Rachel raises Beth as her  own until,  when Beth is older, she goes to find the mysterious blond woman she sees in her baby pics. She goes to the office Quinn works at (I think Quinn was a lawyer but not sure), where Santana also works. The fic had a lot of focus on how Rachel always told Beth not to lie, and then at the end Rachel finds out Beth went to see Quinn and askes if she was happy and Beth realises sometimes a lie is better than the truth and says no  (I think), I'm not certain if Quinn and Rachel were actually together before she left.

glee finders by debris_k

[mod] Another quick reminder to all our posters...

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