January 16th, 2011

lost fanfic

There was a fic, I thought it was on FF.net but I can't find it. Blaine introduces Kurt to Desperate Housewives fic. There's a fic with what Blaine thinks is a terrible mary sue but it turns out it's someone from McKinley (Sandy, maybe) writing about Kurt. Ideas?

EDIT: Found Untitled crack fic
beautiful, dramatic!kurt

Lost Fic

I read this fic a while ago and it's driving me crazy.

Basically, at some point Blaine comes to New Directions but no one knows who he is, so they try to warn him that Kurt is gay and to stay away from him. Then Kurt walks in and Blaine kisses him in front of the whole glee club.


Looking for a fic where Quinn babysits Puck's sister while he works, and develops a friendship.

Hi, this may be a very long shot, but I'm hoping someone might remember it.

Details: I know its on fanfiction.net ,but I have no recall of the title or the author sorry.

Its almost a pre-series fic where Puck is working at a BK over in the next town-- or other side of Lima, and ends up meeting Quinn at a bar. The bar has been there for many years, with the female owner being named Andy I think, and Quinn winds up in the bar because she needs to get out of her parent's house and the "perfection" of her life. Her parents, to be blunt, don't really notice her at home.

Puck is working in BK in order to pay the bills- his mother will occasionally go on an alcohol-fuelled bender and it can last up to 6 weeks or so. His shifts seem to be 5pm-10pm, and he goes to school the next day.

The reason for continued interaction is that Quinn babysits Puck's little sister in the bar so Puck doesn't have to one, take-- I think the little sister might be Kendra?, to her grandparents which is too far from work and two, pay a babysitter. Over the time, the owners feed Quinn and the little sister for free earlier, and Puck when he gets back in from work. In some of the scenes, Quinn has taught the little sister how to cheerlead, and taught her how to dance for a 3rd grade dance--and inn the dance scene, the owners ended up dancing, as well as Quinn and Puck.

Where I just got up to was the fact that Puck asked Quinn to take his little sister to hospital- turns out his mother has been in hospital due to a fight with Puck's father who came back to town. Quinn took the little sister back to Puck's house, and got her down to sleep. Puck came home and after watching tv-- I think it might have been ER, Quinn fell asleep on the couch and Puck had gone up to bed.

I suspect it was a WIP. Hopefully someone may find it!

ETA: Found! by the lovely debris_k