January 13th, 2011

Kurt and Blaine visit Kurt's mom

I can't remember if the fic I'm looking for was a oneshot or part of a multichapter story. 

Kurt is at Dalton and its his mom's birthday(or something to do with his mom).  Kurt asks Blaine if he can drive him somewhere and directs him towards the cemetary.  Blaine realizes that they are visiting Kurt's mom. When they go to drive back to Dalton, Blaine stops Kurt and tells him that he will take Kurt to visit his mom whenever he wants, no matter the day or time.

Will being annoying & Kurt's Facial Care

 Hi all :) I'm looking for some recs to fics where Will is annoying. Anything to do with him being stupid, small minded, that sort of thing. He thinks he's amazing but he's not. 

I'm also looking for a fic, where everyone is bitching about Kurt's expensive face cream, but it turns out he's allergic or something...

Thanks in advance!

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artie advice hotline?

i vaguely remember an artie/kurt college!fic where artie is one of the operators on an advice/general guidance telephone hotline and someone keeps calling in and needing advice because his classes are hard or something, and they end up meeting/planning to meet. does this sound familiar to anyone?

thanks in advance :)

Searching for fic where Blaine has always gone to McKinley and is in the Jazz band

Yeah, what the subject line says. It might have been a WIP. Blaine's always gone to McKinley and is in Jazz band with Artie and keeps a low profile. That starts to change when the jazz band starts playing for New Directions.

Seriously - did I dream this?

ETA: Found! It's Jazz Hands by penelopemuse. Thanks to complications_g for finding it!