January 10th, 2011



A while ago I read a wonderful gen fic - Kurt had died, and the fic was his facebook wall.
As facebook walls do, the fic read from the most recent posts - 'it's been two months, I miss you' - to the day after - 'Kurt, what. Why. Oh my god...' - to the last post Kurt made on his wall, which I believe were some song lyrics.

It was a heartbreaking fic, and incredibly well stylised, and if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be awesome. :)

Schue Makes the Cheerios Choose

 Okay I hate to do this again but I thought I could find this by myself but I can't and the comm is just so amazing.

 Okay im looking for a fic (im almost 100% sure it was a oneshot) and in it Mr. Schue decides to add an extra Glee rehearsal on a day the Cheerios practice. Kurt, Santana, and Brittany (the only Cheerios of the club at the time) tell him that they can't because Sue would kill them if they missed a practice. Schue decides to hold the rehearsal anyway and make the three Cheerios say after where he tells them that they have to choose between Glee and Cheerios. He believes that they will defiantly choose glee over the Cheerios and he is excited to win over Sue. The next day (i think) Kurt, Brittany, and Santana come to glee in their Cheerios uniforms, obviously not choosing glee, and Kurt acting as their spokesperson (Brittany and Santana are crying) explain to all the gleeks whats going on and they all understand. 

I hope this is enough information. Thanks so much!

Kurt Story

Hey all
I'm looking for a fanfiction that i believe was based on the slash pairing of kurt and Puck. In this story kurt was suffering from stomach cramps and in the end he decides to visit the nurses off.
It turns out that he is in labour.
I think that Tina was there while he was giving birth and also maybe Finn.
I would love to read it again.
Companion joke

just posted fic

Hi. Sometime very recently a fic was posted where Kurt went back to N.D. and then returned to Dalton teamed up with V.A. and rocked the Warbler's world.
Help. Please. We're talking last 24 hours.

Edit. Found: http://community.livejournal.com/samkurt/161428.html

Thanks though