January 9th, 2011

Kurt/Blaine: Blaine buys Kurt gifts & Protective Kurt recs

Hi all,

I'm looking for Kurt/Blaine fics that have Blaine buying Kurt expensive presents or paying for everything on dates and how Kurt or other people react to that.

Also if anyone has any recs for either Kurt/Blaine or Kurt/Puck fics that have Kurt as the protective one, I'd love to read them. 
Thanks in advance!

Specific Blaine/Kurt-2

Sorry if I do anything wrong this is my first time posting.

Okay I'm looking for a Blaine/ Kurt fic. I remember that Kurt goes to Dalton and is a Warbler. New Directions invites the Warblers to McKinley for a mini concert. Something happened between Blaine and Kurt which leads to Kurt depressedly listening to his iPod on the bus back to Dalton. I remember that at the rehersal after the concert thing Kurt wears his Cheerios sweatpants and everyone is surprised and someone says something along the lines of "Kurt did you know you have 'McKinley Cheerios' written on your ass?"

There may also have been a little singer exchange program where New Directions gives their countertenor (Kurt) to the Warblers, who in turn give their countertenor. The Warbler countertenor was in love with Rachel and he didn't like to sit on chairs the normal also he mapped out McKinley's air ducts. Oh and I remember that Rachel dressed up as a guy and spied on the Warblers. The countertenor asked his friend if he was gay because he was attached to Rachel in drag ( not knowing it was a girl).

These may be two different fics but i think they are the same. I hope this is enough information.
Thank you!!

Specific Kurt/Blaine Oneshot

Hi, so I'm looking for a certain Kurt/Blaine fic I read a couple days ago that I thought I'd mem'd but looking now I can see that I didn't.  I think its new but I could be wrong.

It was a oneshot and the boys were in the Hummel/Hudson house with the family out to a, football game, I think.  Anyway, lap sex happens with Kurt wearing a skirt and uh oh, Burt, Carole and Finn all walk in with Kurt and Blaine in the middle of, well, you know. 

That's the gist of it and I'm dying to read it again and pass it along to a bestie.  If anyone knows which fic I'm talking about, I would be forever grateful!  Thanks in advance.

*Found in the comments