December 22nd, 2010

Kurt Centric Love-Triangle / AU Kurt/Blaine Fic / Standard Klaine Fic(But Super Long, Slow Build Up)

 Hi Everyone :)

If its not too much trouble, I was hoping you guys might turn me in the direction of fics that fall under the following three categories:

First, any fics  you've found that focus on a love triangle in which two other characters vie for Kurt's affection,  i'm working my way through Blaine's Dilemma by Hardy1234 and  have had my interests picked and would love to see more that deal with the same premise.

Second, I'd really appreciate any recommendations that deal with Kurt and Blaine living in an Alternate Universe where the same relationship dynamics we've seen develop on the show so far play out, but just in a drastically different setting. Lol, like a medieval boarding school (Like Hogwarts) for example, a happy ending where they end up together though would be appreciated, something not guaranteed by the show yet.

And Lastly, i'd love any recommendations for standard Kurt/Blaine fics that are primarily romantic (as is pretty much standard) but which develop at a slow pace and are correspondingly longer than your standard fic (im thinking a 30,000 word minimum would be appropriate) They don't have to be completed at the time of recommendation, but they should be regularly updated.

One again, thanks for your help guys, I can't wait to see what you respond with and to start tearing away through a hopefully long list of recommendations. Best, 

Louis :)

Glee: High F

Looking for slashy, Kurt bodyswap fics.


After reading Not So Different I’ve got a craving for some Kurt bodyswap slash. Either a Puck/Kurt, Finn/Kurt, Sam/Kurt or Blaine/Kurt story where the boys somehow switch bodies and end up growing closer as a result with a slashy ending.

Thanks in advance for any recs! :)