November 28th, 2010


Puck is jealous of Kurt

Hello! I was wondering if there are any stories where Puck is in love with Kurt or they are together and Puck is jealous of Finn or of the crush Kurt has on Finn or he's jealous because Kurt has a crush on Sam. Thank you!
  • iotajot

LF Hurt!Kurt fic

 I'm looking for a fic I read not too long ago. I don't remember where I read it or if it was Puck/Kurt but I was reading a lot of P/K at the time so it may have been.

In the fic Burt and Carol are together, though I don't really remember if they're just dating or engaged. Burt, Carol, Finn and Kurt all have dinner with Carols family(brothers?) and they are homophobes. At some point in the story they kidnap and hurt Kurt and Finn and Puck eventually find and rescue him.

I don't remember how it ends exactly.

Thanks in advance for any help.

FOUND: By The Grace of God Go I by totalgleekgirl.  Thankyou boysinperil.

Cheerleader!Kurt wows Blaine

Okay, I'm looking for fics that have to do with the Dalton boys(mainly Blaine) finding out that Kurt was a cheerleader, possibly even seeing some of his performances(especially 4 Minutes- probably someone video taped it.)

I've seen one for the glee kink meme, but not much else. Are there any others out there?