November 27th, 2010

Kurt thinks you're tacky.

Kurt Hummel

It was a fic about different times Kurt bitched people out. I remember once was in Walmart, once was in a gym (and he chewed the the gym owner out for changing the tv channel from the style network. and also having vitamin waters that claimed to be zero calorie?). Another time he was with Santana and they were getting a pinata for Britney's b-day party. I definitely read this on

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bullied Puck

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I know Puck is a bully, but has he ever been bullied? If so then when, where, why, and by whom? I'm looking for fics that explore this idea. Child abuse, schoolyard bullying, intimidation, etc all welcome. I know there have to be fics like this out there! Please?

Thanks for your help :)