November 14th, 2010

Puck/Kurt school shooting

Okay, I have searched high and low for this story and still can't find it.
Kurt and the Cheerios are performing for the entire school or something. Mercedes has already quit and is kind of friends with Puck i think. And the story is pre-Puckurt. Anyway when they start singing two guys from the school come in and Kurt gets shot. Sue helps him or is at least with him. And the shooters call all the jocks down to the floor and plan to kill them. And what stuck really with me in this fick is that Kurt just kept singing the different songs that popped in his head while he just lay there bleeding. I think he was in shock. And then he somehow saves the day while lying there or something.
Anyone who reconises the story I'm talking about or did I imagine it, because I swear it is like it has disappeared from the internet.
glee finders by debris_k

[mod] Some more new tags

First off, I want to thank everyone who's been reccing and finding stories — we've been having lots of answered requests lately! \o/ (But don't forget to check on the *unaswered tag if you want to make someone's day, or add it to your post if a week has gone by without any answers so your post doesn't get forgotten.) Thank you all, you rock!

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I can't find this fanfic of the glee cast working at barnes and noble: Chris was the manager, Lea and Dianna worked at the register, Mark and Cory were baristas, and Kevin worked at borders (the rival bookstore that is new and makes Chris all huffy because he thinks he has to fire people)

I can't remember the rest of the casts jobs. Sorry,

Thank you