November 3rd, 2010

RPF Mark and Chris fic

 I am looking for an RPF fic where Mark is bisexual/gay and already has a boyfriend, and Chris (or one of the other cast members, perhaps) sees them kissing on set. I'm not sure of the details at all, but perhaps Chris was having a hard time with his sexual orientation and had a crush on Mark? 

I'll be so happy if someone can figure out what I'm talking about from this vague description. I'll give you virtual cookies. 

BJ kiss
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suicidal Burt ?


I'm looking for this fic: all I remember is that at some point in the fic, Burt remembers the time after his wife's death. He left Kurt with his parents and he went to a motel where he planned to commit suicide but just before he acted on it, he received a phone call from little Kurt and he finds the will to live again.
I think it's a slash fic but I'm not sure...

Does it ring any bells?

Kurt fic

Hi I hope you can help me find this fic, I´m sorry if I'm too vague in my description, The Glee Club have just finished watching a performance by vocal adrenaline, and a guy from there likes Kurt and he thinks he finally has the opportunity to talk to him, but an overprotective Puck (I think Finn was there too)  stop him, the guy tried a few more times and Sam (I think) tell him he has no chance, implying that he had already tried the same thing, but Kurt was with Puck or near there.

Thanks for the help!!! 

FOUND: found by [info]gailee122 thanks!. Fic: You Better Forget it, You'll Never get It by totalgleekgirl