October 30th, 2010


Kurt as Head Cheerio

Part of the story involved Kurt as captain of the Cheerios. New rules for cheerleading were made and Kurt comes up with a solution and routine (which was a mashup with Invincible by Pat Benetar?). Sue used the opportunity to test Kurt and make him prove that he deserved his new position as captain.

I don't remember what the rest of the story was about, but it might be Puck/Kurt.

Found! Link in the comments

Emma/Rachel fic recs

I've got a new pairing.. Emma/Rachel from Glee... I absolutely adore the pairing... as wrong as it might be... I've always been a sucker for forbidden relationship, like teacher/student pairing.. and I adore Rachel and Emma together.... So if anyone has knowledge of any fics with them please tell me.. I know there arent many that ship them, if any.. But I'm hoping I'll get lucky...

Don't have to have specific story... Just forbidden love between Emma and Rachel. Rachel strikes me as the person to go against rules, and when she wants something, she fights for it...  not looking for a straight up sex story.. just a story about them... ut if it had sex in it, i wouldnt complain ;) I just think the pairing would be cute, and I wanna read more about them...

Thanks anyway!!

Specific Awesome-Burt search (found!)

 I know I have it bookmarked somewhere but for the life of me, I cannot find it...

Premise: Glee is having a 'show for the parents', everybody's there. From Burt's point of view, we hear all about the respective parents. Then he hears one of Rachel's dad's talk and recognizes the man's voice from the phone call to the garage during the Defying Gravity Diva Off (yep, they made that call). Things come to light, Burt is awesome, Kurt's dating Puck, etc. I'd really love to re-read it. (I remember more if it's nearly there but you need a little more.)

Anybody's bell ringing?

Thanks in advance!

Found: Of Phonecalls and Fights (thanks to albichorizon  and garnetgypsy)