October 7th, 2010

  • eg06

Puck centric fic?

Hey there, fellow Gleeks!

I'm new to the Glee fandom and I was wondering if anyone could point towards a specific type of fanfic: Puck-centric, preferably Puck/Kurt or gen, that deals with Puck's "fight club." I just had this image in my head of Puck teaching a martial arts class for little kids or a self-defense course like RAD. It would be especially awesome if it was a self-defense class and he invites Kurt or the Glee-girls to attend.

Thanks in advance to anyone who responds! ^_^
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  • ptijade

LFS: Sick!Kurt Kurt centric fic slash/gen


I'm quite new in the glee fandom but I read most of the fics I could find on ffnet that are Kurt centric.
I know they are a lot of other fics out there so here is my search: I'm looking for fics where Kurt is sick (something really heavy like cancer) or where he is in an accident or hurt in anyway and we get to see how the glee members and his dad and new family react. Preferably Puck/Kurt or gen but no Finn/Kurt or het! (I love seeing Finn and Kurt acting like brothers and I love Kurt's dad, he is so great!) Lots and lots of angst with a happy ending are the best, and the longer the better!

I hope I'll have some recs!