September 19th, 2010

Looking for a Brad centric fic


I am looking for a fic that features the piano player as the main character. It is not AU. He is the piano player that unwillingly is able to hear and see ALL. Then everyone starts to come to him or he is otherwise brought into situations that he keeps giving advice out. I remember one discussion he had with a student character he said something to them that he was not a teacher so he could give out sexual type advise (paraphrasing from memory).

Jog anyone's memory? Thanks in advance!



Looking for a friendship fic Kurt/Puck/Ensemble


I am looking for a story I read recently. I believe that it is a general friendship fic between Kurt and Puck but at the most definitely pre-slash. Kurt goes up to the roof and finds Puck there. It is after the baby is born. I think the timeframe was less than a week. They sit and talk about her. Kurt lets it out that Glee was more than just saying they were going to help. He gave examples of things they had already done for her without Quinn or Puck knowing. I think Kurt then tells him that there is a timeframe that Puck could still get the baby back if he really wants her. Plenty of emo moments in this fic. Thanks!

*FOUND!!  Life On The Edge by [info]ashrwyn

Looking for a family fic


I am looking for a fic that is told from the eyes of Puck and Quinn's daughter. I don't believe that the author called her Beth. Babygate may have happened but Will (I dont think at least) does not find out that his daughter is actually Puck and Quinn's. Eventually he finds out and then Puck, Quinn, Finn, Rachel and Emma all come into her life. It runs from the earliest memory to her wedding day. The daughter does write a book about her experiences growing up and appears on OPRAH about it. I hope this is enough info to jog someone's memory. Thanks!
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5 Times Fic - Kurt


I'm Looking for a 5 time fic featuring Kurt, in it i believe it 5 things Kurt could of been, it included stories like,

*Metrosexual Kurt where he brags to the jock when they ridacul him he brags about who he has scored with.
*Car guy Kurt
*and a girl Kurt who is the most fashionable girl in school.

Thank for the help!