July 18th, 2010

england green/magenta

Specific Search: Suicide Pact

Hi. So, there's this fic I'm looking for - it was an AU where the kids in Glee... weren't in the Glee club. They were all attending Miss Pilsbury (with the exception of Finn, who was dead, and Puck, who... just wasn't there). The story was focused on Quinn, who someone brought into the little club of people. Everyone was really depressed, and eventually, they made a suicide pact. In the end, Quinn survived and Mercedes was in a coma, but everyone else died.

There are other factors I remember, like:
* Rachel self-mutilated herself in front of everyone after being egged by Jesse
* Mike's parents were abusive
* Mike, Kurt and Matt had some kind of threesome relationship.
* Quinn's story was that she did get pregnant, her parents kicked her out, she moved in with Finn and Carole despite the baby not being his. She was going to tell him, but then they got in a car accident. Finn and Carole both died, and Quinn lost the baby, who she mentally named "Caroline."
* The last bit of the story was Mercedes squeezing Quinn's hand through her coma.

And I have a feeling like the title had something to do with winter. *shrug*

Chris/Heather/Cast fic


So i am looking for a certain fic, but i can not remeber where i read it. All i remember is it was a RPF fic, and it was about the cast attempting to find out what Chris and Heather were hiding (no one had mentioned they were doing a kiss scene in the basement set)... anyone know what i mean?