March 17th, 2010


Newbie Search

Hey, I'm quite new to the fandom. I was wondering if anyone could rec their favourite Finn/Kurt or Puck/Kurt fics, particularly long ones. What are the must reads for these pairings? The most popular fics? Also if you could rec a rec list that would be awesome. Anr rating or genre is fine. Thanks in advance.
joss hates

Specific-fic search

I'm looking for a Finn/Kurt fic that I thought I had bookmarked but didn't in a fit of dumb.

The baby had been born.

It was basically Finn raising the baby and Kurt helping him. I think Quinn and Puck were also there but I don't recall for sure. It progressed through friendship into more.

At the end, Quinn talked to Kurt and basically said that Finn liked him and then Kurt and Finn talked on the steps outside (I think) Finn's house and ended up kissing.

Please? I loved that story and have been kicking myself for not remembering to bookmark it!

The second story I am looking for is one based at Regionals. Kurt meets a guy there and goes somewhere with him but it turns out he's in love with someone in his choir and just wants to make his boyfriend jealous (his boyfriend, I think, doesn't want to be out). Then there's a scene where OC and the boyfriend do something couple-y (because the boyfriend is being possessive) and the Gleeks all worry about Kurt because they think he and OC hooked up but obviously he knows and is cool.

Please and thank you!

EDIR: Found! Thank you, audaciously!