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Not so long ago there was the littlest Glee Club that could.

But then things changed. In their second year of existence New Directions are determined to go further than they ever could have last year. With the addition of Sam Evans they're looking forward to the future, to beating Vocal Adrenaline, and to New York, New York. But there's a lot to get through before they can make it to Nationals. 

Freaks & Gleeks is a Facebook based Glee roleplay, based on Season Two, and stemming from the events of Duets. We are New Directions focused and our main ships are Kum, Finchel, Tike and Brittana. We're currently have a good number of New Directions spots open, including Kurt and Brittany, as well as spots for Cheerios and other McKinley characters.

To apply write at least three background paragraphs, or fill out this questionnaire in character, create your account and friend Deepak Figgins. The mods will review your application and let you know whether or not it is succesful as soon as possible.

For more information go to our livejournal community freaksandgleeks.


Tina Cohen-Chang
Artie Abrams
Jesse St James
Brittany S. Pierce
Jacob Ben Israel


posted with mod permission.

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