Debris K. (debris_k) wrote in gleefinders,
Debris K.

[mod] New rule about spoilers

Because apparently it doesn't go without saying, this comm now has an official spoiler rule:

All spoilers must be placed under an lj-cut with an appropriate spoiler warning.

Spoilers include any and all details of unaired episodes (in the US) and of new episodes up to a week after they're aired.

This means that, currently, spoiler warnings should be used for 2x17 "Night of Neglect" (for another ~4 days) and any later episode or season.

If you post a spoiler outside an lj-cut, your post will be deleted as soon as it's spotted.

Don't post a spoiler, even a disguised one (e.g. describing certain "scenarios" those who aren't spoiler free will recognize as spoilers, etc.) outside a cut. Or hint at "future events" which are actually spoilers outside a cut. And so on and so forth; don't try to trick us, we'll know. Please use spoiler warnings and put the spoilers inside a cut.

Unaired episode titles are spoilers. Please use episode numbers of all unaired episodes instead of their titles (e.g. 2x17, s02e17, etc).

Please use properly descriptive spoiler warnings on your spoiler cuts. This means including the ep or season or approximated time-line of the spoiler mentioned in your post -- e.g. "spoilers for the beginning of the next season", "spoilers for the events of 2x17", "spoilers for the characters in some future eps", etc.

And lastly, if you repeat a mistake despite the mods asking you not to, your posting privileges may be revoked.

Let's all try to keep everyone (especially the spoiler-phobic mod, read: me) happy and keep spoilers under lj-cuts where they belong. Thank you!

Questions, concerns, problems - please leave a comment.
Tags: !mod

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