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[mod] One new tag & fic and fanwork finding resources wanted

Hi y'all,

Just a quick note that we now have a new tag: character: Carole Hudson. (Also a reminder that if you want to suggest a new tag you just need to provide us with at least 3 posts to back it up and we'll go from there.)

In other news, we're working our way toward changing the comm's theme to one with a slightly better sidebar (bulleted tags right under the link list, recent searches under all that and not at the top) so we'd like to find more helpful links to put in the sidebar's link list.

Do you have any favorite fic or fanwork finding resources you find useful when looking for something? Let us know all about their awesomeness in the comments! (E.g. masterlists, delicious accounts (official or semi-official), search functions on archives, etc.) If you have any favorite rec lists we'd love to know about those as well; the more the merrier.

And lastly I'd like to remind you about our *unanswered tag; every time an unanswered search is answered a Glee kid hits a high note (in tune).

Thank you for all your awesome Glee finding; carry on as you were. ;-D

One of your mods.
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