lizza (naparstnica26) wrote in gleefinders,

Kurt dissapointed in his father

Looking for stories where Burt made something stupid and in this way hurt Kurt's feelings

(including that beautiful story where Kurt had birthday and hoped for banana pancakes but Burt forgot; I believe Carole found a week later birthday card from one of ND kids; anybody knows it?)

Preferably stories with lots of angst and guilty!Burt. Best thing if Kurt isn't so eager to forgive (but not necessary). Thank you in advance!

Found by amazing lkgator19, links in comments. Feel free to add more! :)
Tags: *found, category: recs, category: specific search, character: burt hummel, character: carole hudson, character: kurt hummel, media: fanfic, theme: angst, theme: family, theme: hurt/comfort

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