Debris K. (debris_k) wrote in gleefinders,
Debris K.

Modly reminder, or, Yo, please read this!

You've probably all noticed by now that livejournal is having issues with its email notifications being delivered. Some comment notifications arrive where they're meant to while some are eaten by webgoblins. A horrible fate, truly, but out of our hands. We blame the goat. Heaps of blame on the goat.

To this end, to make sure this comm keeps running smoothly I'm taking this chance to remind you all that, while email notifications might be on the fritz, lj's Inbox is still working as it should.

If you've posted a search (or left a comment) please make sure to check here for new messages (!) so you don't miss any answers.

If you receive a modly warning and don't comply because the comment never reached you by email, we will be lenient. But this is a fair warning that there is a way to stay up-to-date with what is going on with your post. So please use it.

Thank you! And here's hoping the pants-eating goat solves the problem soon. Hooves crossed and all that.
Tags: !mod

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