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Rachel/Santana series on Fanfiction.net

Hi, I apologize in advance for any grammar mistakes, English is not my native language.
I'm looking for a story I've read years ago, when the show was still airing. I think it was around season 2-3, before part of the cast graduated high school. I'm sure it was on Fanfiction.net.
Here's what I remember: it was a series composed by various arc of multiple chapters. The endgame was Pezberry, but there were other pairings before. It took years for them to become a couple.
The story started when they were still in high school. I think Santana came out and was kicked out by her parents, and she went to live with Quinn and her mom. Then, years later, when Santana and Rachel fell in love, Quinn was vehemently opposed to it, to the point that Santana had to choose between her girlfriend and her friend. I believe Quinn’s mom sided with Santana and in the end even Quinn came around to the idea.
Rachel was dating Sam at some point (maybe during senior year?), and after graduation they tried to make it work long distance for a while, but then broke up. Santana and Sam were really good friends, so he was initially hurt when Santana and Rachel started dating.
After graduation, Rachel and Santana became flat mates, I think in NY. In this universe, Kurt went to study to a different city. Rachel didn’t know she was bi until she started being attracted to Santana. Maybe she hooked up with another girl to try it out, but I’m not positive about it.
I think Rachel and Santana hooked up one night, then didn’t speak about it for a while, but I’m not really sure about it. I remember a scene when they were grinding on the couch and Rachel made her come in her jeans.
I distinctly remember a scene when Santana introduced Rachel to her boss or coworker by saying “She’s my... Rachel”. I think it was in front of a courthouse? I’m not positive, but I think Santana was studying to become a lawyer or something like that.
I'm pretty sure Brittany ended up with Mike by the end of the series. They were both dancers and Brittany sustained some kind of injury at some point.
I believe the same author had a long Faberry story where Quinn was a stripper and Rachel was a famous actress/singer, if it helps in any way.

Found: 'Eyes Closed to Fingers Crossed' series by thememoriesfire

Tags: *found, category: specific search, character: rachel berry, character: santana lopez, genre: femslash, media: fanfic, pairing: rachel/other, pairing: santana/other, theme: other

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