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Donna W-O
Donna W-O

FOUND IT!! Looking for a Puckleberry story

An Affair to Forget
by lizzybennettdarcy Looking for a story where Noah & Rachel are secret lovers. He leaves town before graduation to get away from her. Noah & Blaine are best friends who end up in music business. Rachel makes it on Broadway.... Blaine is helping her with solo album. She writes a Thousand Years about Noah.... He ends UPS duetting on the song

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    I remember this fic I started some time ago, but I never finished it, so here’s what I remember: -armed men got into the school -they had some glee…

  • BP!Kurt/Warblers

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  • Looking for Kurtbastian love fic

    The story's name is Open 24 hours, Sebastian lives in Paris and has a coffee shop that belong to his mother. Kurt comes to Paris and they fall in…

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