fal01 wrote in gleefinders

Looking for Puck/Rachel fanfictions

Hey first time poster here and hope you all can help me. I am looking for 2 Puck/Rachel fanfictions. One I found on livejournal months ago and in it Shelby has passed away and in her will she leaves custody of Beth to Puck but only if he marries/gets together Rachel and they end up getting married/together. The other one I am looking for I found on fanfiction.net I believe and in it Rachel and Puck are neighbors in an apartment building and she really wants to have a bay and ends up getting artificially inseminated at a sperm bank and ends up pregnant with twins. Puck ends up being really protective of her and it turns out he was the sperm donor. I also remember he ended up buying his sperm back and she found it in his fridge.


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