Ivanna AndersonHummel wrote in gleefinders

Looking for fic where Carole finds Blaine unconscious on a sidewalk.

Hello! I read this story a long, long, long time ago. I don't remember if it was in spanish or english, but I'm pretty sure it was english. In this story, Carole doesn't know about Blaine's existence. The story dealt with Carole being a nurse and driving home after her shift ended, when she suddenly finds a body laying unconscious on the sidewalk (I think in an alley?). At first she thinks it's a homeless guy, but then she realises it's a young boy (Blaine's like 15 here) and that he's been sexually assaulted and left for dead. She calls an ambulance and rides with him to the hospital. Once there, she calls Burt and tells him what happened and Burt comes to the hospital. I don't remember much of what happened next, but I remember that Burt realises that the boy is Blaine and that he was Kurt's childhood (they were like 6 or 7 years old) best friend but something happened with his father and Blaine was forced to move out of the neighbourhood. They never saw each other again and Kurt doesn't really remember him. Turns out, Blaine's father was really abusive and after years of dealing with it, Blaine decided to run away. He's been walking alone for months trying to get somewhere, I think trying to find Burt and Kurt, and once's he finally reached Lima, he's sexually assaulted by a stranger.  There's this scene where they convice Blaine to have a rape kit done and a doctor (I think Carole herself? Or she was helping the doctor?) explains to him what's going on in detail. Another scene had Finn reacting badly to Blaine having to stay at their home, Finn being angry that he has to act all careful around Blaine and that he doesn't even know who he is. That's pretty much all I remember from this story. I think that the title had something to do with dreams or it had the word "Dream" on the title. Please, if anyone knows this fic, please, please let me know! I've spent literal YEARS trying to find it. Thank you <3


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