Becky Dansereau (zombiehunter357) wrote in gleefinders,
Becky Dansereau

Specific Protective Burt precanon oneshot

I distinctly remember a oneshot on either AO3 or FFN where Burt hears that kids are being mean to Kurt at elementary school, so he storms over to the Berry residence to confront them over Rachel calling Kurt gay. Burt is very papa bear about it, and then Burt realizes the Berrys are a gay couple, and that Rachel didn't mean it in a cruel way, just in an overly honest little kid way. One of Rachel's dads says (something like), "I guess we need to have the outing talk with Rachel." Overall very cute and sweet, but can't find it.

It was Lessons in Parenting by fabfemmeboy (aka Kasey aka fabfemmefics) which seems to have been deleted with the loss of gleefic - Summary was: Hummels, Berry family; Six months after his wife's death, Burt finds out that a kid in Kurt's class - some little twerp named Rachel - has been calling him gay. If anyone has a copy (of any of Kasey's stories tbh), I would love it and be forever grateful.
Tags: *found, *unanswered, category: deleted/moved, category: specific search, character: burt hummel, character: kurt hummel, character: rachel berry, character: rachel's dad(s) - mr. berry, genre: gen, theme: pre-series/backstory

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