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Specific fic request - Miggy Mostverse

I'm trying to locate Miggy's Mostverse stories. They were written back in 2010 and the author made their blog private so I'm hoping that somebody downloaded at some point. It's a series of stories that take place with Rachel and Kurt in New York City (Blaine does not exist in this universe), where they are roommates and they really struggle to make their dreams happen. It was realistic and funny and so well-written and I'd love to read them again.

Here's a link to the masterlist (all of the fic links are dead): https://miggy.dreamwidth.org/#mostverse

ADDENDUM 6/14: Some of the fic have been located!! I've now have copies of Most Likely to Succeed, Most Changed Since High School, Scenes from an Apartment, Scenes from a Basement, and Most Talented. Unfortunately, only the first part of Least Likely Couple was saved, so I'm still looking for the second half of that fic, as well as the side stories: Least Distance Travelled, Most Likely to Stay Friends, and Most Popular.

Addendum on 3/23/2021 - I'm still looking for these fic. Please message me if you have them. I also have copies of the others that I'm willing to send to you if you leave me your email address.

If anybody would like a copy, please email me at redheadgleek @ gmail . com
Tags: category: deleted/moved, character: kurt hummel, character: rachel berry, genre: gen, media: fanfic, pairing: kurt/other, pairing: rachel/other, theme: angst, theme: friendship

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