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au soulmates, (possibly also D/s), Klaine

I need help! I'm looking for a klaine soulmates fic. I don't really remember the plot but I do remember that the characters were so well conceptualized and presented. Here's what else I remember:

Burt Hummel's introduction in the story was with the statement: 'Burt Hummel has a secret; he doesn't like Breadsticks.' It turns out that life with Kurt has left Burt with an appreciation and desire for the finer things, including good Italian food, but he keeps that to himself. I believe there is a scene of a somewhat tense family dinner at Breadsticks

Blaine's mother is introduced with the statement: '[Blaine's Mom] doesn't smoke' It goes on to explain that since she has just one cigarette a day she feels justified in telling her doctor she doesn't smoke. Her internal dialogue continues with her admitting to herself that she knows she's rationalizing. (My recollections are clunky, the author's writing is graceful and not as heavy handed as I may make it sound)

Blaine is a romantic and I believe has stayed single, fearful that he will never meet his soulmate. His Mom is kind of critical and I think Blaine may be estranged from her, he mistakenly believes she doesn't approve of him being gay. While she is critical in general, she does fully accept Blaine. When Blaine calls Cooper to tell him that he's met his (male) soulmate Cooper (good naturedly) crows that Blaine will finally not be the Mom's favorite and that maybe she will now come around on his own wife (she doesn't approve of Cooper's wife, but she also ultimately tries to come around on that).

As a little boy Blaine loved to hear his Mom tell the story of how his grandmother met her soulmate. And I think Blaine remembers asking his grandmother 'What if my soulmate is a boy?' His grandmother answers something to the effect that there couldn't be anything wrong with it because your soulmate is your soulmate.
Tags: category: specific search, character: blaine anderson, character: kurt hummel, genre: slash, media: fanfic, pairing: blaine/kurt, theme: au

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