Lyric Beyerl (Lyric Beyerl) wrote in gleefinders,
Lyric Beyerl
Lyric Beyerl

Sebastian centric fic

I read this fic forever ago and have recently thought of it again but I can't find it anywhere! I think it was on Hunter was blackmailing Sebastian, I don't remember with what but he abused Sebastian(emotionally, sexually etc) Surprisingly enough the fic ended up with a hopeful ending for Sebastian/Trent(Trent, Nick and Jeff found out about the abuse and were great friends and Trent really liked Seb) If someone can help me find this fic I will love you forever!
Tags: character: sebastian smythe, genre: slash, theme: abuse/assault, theme: angst, theme: hurt/comfort, theme: rape/dub-con, theme: team (dalton/warblers)

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