shinybiancachu (shinybiancachu) wrote in gleefinders,

Kurtbastian fic

Hey, so I was glancing through tumblr, and I found an old fic rec whose link doesn't work anymore. I was wondering if anyone knows where this fic can be read? It's Kurtbastian.

I was able to read this part, but the rest is under a cut. I'd like to read it so if anyone finds it, please tell me. I'd be very grateful!

The first time Sebastian asks him out catches Kurt by surprise. He finds a note tucked into his biology book that reads You and me, dinner for two at Breadstix. My treat.

Kurt ignores it, thinking of it as no more than another joke Puck is undoubtedly behind until Sebastian steps beside him on the way to class, and Kurt resists the urge to roll his eyes when Sebastian says, “So what do you say, babe? Does Friday at seven sound good? Or would you rather have your hands on me sooner?”
Tags: genre: slash, pairing: kurt/sebastian

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