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Zombie Fic where Kurt is Immune

I can't find this one fic anywhere. As far as I know it's still incomplete and hasn't been update in a long time I just really want to read it again. Not sure about pairing at all

- Rachel and his Aunt and her girl friend end up at the house, Finn, Carole and Burt are there/fine, not sure about Rachel's dads
- Kurt is a good shot
-Kurt saves a little girl being attacked but they're both bitten, this happened next door in the yard/backyard? or around his house in any case
- the Aunt or her girlfriend may have gotten hurt/ died here helping Kurt, not certain
- little girl turns into zombie but Kurt doesn't, they both get fevers and she talks about god and how this is punishment and they deserve it, including Kurt which pisses Finn off
-When Kurt wakes up from the fever everyone moved to the school together for safety
- he works out to regain strength
-Kurt becomes a runner for supplies

the last chapter I read Kurt and a man are stuck on a roof during a run and its night time.

I hope I got the tags right >o> Not sure if I should have added a Fin/Rachel tag(it was there but not...important? a focus?) or an Au tag because zombies and the supernatural tag implies that anyway? Hope someone knows this and that it hasn't been taken down or something ._.

Edit: FOUND by the lovey pearkiwi in the comments =)
Tags: *found, category: specific search, character: kurt hummel, media: fanfic, theme: supernatural/were-/fantasy

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