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Puckleberry fic

Okay, I read this fic on a while back. I think it was actually two stories, one was a sequel and I'm pretty sure they were chapter stories. It's a slow-burn Puckleberry (Rachel/Puck) set in New York where their really the only two characters that made it there (I think?). Rachel's in college and the first few days in NY Puck spends them in some type of public housing. I know he eventually gets his own place. Later on in the sequel story I remember him thinking about how small Rachel looked in his kitchen. Anyway, Puck works at some local coffee shop and strikes up a conversation with some guitarist playing in there. I remember Puck bringing his guitar though never actually having the guts to play (idk if this was in the shop). Pretty early on Puck's mom got mad at him because he said he wasn't coming home for Thanksgiving (not sure if he ended up, I'm leaning towards yes?). Finn comes to visit to of course, I know there was some drama there. I think by that time Rachel's roomate (Indian chick? & bitchy?) And Puck had already been hooking up for a while and ended up making out on the bed and Rachel walked in on them. They met at the coffee shop where they worked and Rachel, oc introduced them. They were never really friends, Puck observed later on. Finn might of gotten on Puck's case for that, not entirely sure on that one. That's bout all I got, honestly. I mean except for a scene where Rachel's roommates all stressed from exams & stuff and she bursts in the room (or was already there) with no makeup. Puck found it weird to see her that way even though he had seen her first thing in the morning. Oh! & I think her roomate had a boyfriend to. Puck may or may not have also gotten robbed. Think he did. All his stuff got taken, and this may have occurred a lil before Finn made an appearance & he was at Puck's house The story was told from Puck's POV (not sure if it switched tho prodominently Puck's voice is what I remember) & it was all kinda angsty. Sorry if it's not much to go on though thx for trying anyway!
Tags: *unanswered, category: specific search, character: puck - noah puckerman, character: rachel berry, pairing: puck/rachel, ~

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