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[mod] Revamped tags & rec links for the link list

Hi folks,

Firstly, some of you might have noticed that our tags have been revamped this week. Hopefully they're be more user-friendly now, and more easily searchable.

If you have any questions, comments or ideas about the tags feel free to contact me either here or any of the modly posts. (Discretion guaranteed - as long you ask for it - in the main mod post, linked on the profile.)

Secondly, I'm looking for links to add to our community link list (which will be located on the comm's main page, above the tag list). These should be links to communities which have Glee fan-made stuff sorted in some way, fanfiction archives' search pages, and any other Glee fan-made stuff finding resource you can think of.

So far I'm thinking of adding crackhovercraft's tags page (the Glee rec comm), maybe crack_van's Glee recs tag... and I got nothing else. :-(

This is where you come in. If you know of places that have anything fan-made that's Glee related (fics, vids, fanart, etc.) that would make a good searching/finding resource, you can rec it here, including rec lists and other lists.

(Anything that doesn't make it onto the link list will be listed in a new 'lists of links and lists' post which will then be linked in the links list.)

...And that's way more repetitions of the words 'link' and 'list' than is healthy for one post, so I'll stop here. Bottom line: you have a fave link that you use to find Glee stuff? Rec it! :-)

P.S. Anyone willing to help me out sorting the Glee affiliated communities (listed on the profile page) by their focus, i.e. type, character, actor, pairing, etc? I'm thinking this would be a good resource as well, once properly grouped, as there's A LOT of them.
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