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Kurt at Dalton

Hi, this is my first time using gleefinders and I'm pretty new to livejournal in general so the tags might be incorrect.

So, I'm looking for a lot of fics and they're more recommendations than specific fics.

1) Kurt chooses to stay at Dalton
2) Warblers see Karofsky bullying Kurt
3) Warblers try to survive Mckinley for a day (or longer)
4) Warblers find out Kurt was a cheerleader
5) Sue takes Kurt under her wing
6) Warblers find JBI's blog
7) Blaine asks Kurt out during Never Been Kissed

As you can probably tell, I'm a huge Klainer and a huge Warbler fan (the Season 2 Warblers).
If you have any good Klaine fics (especially at Dalton), I'd love recommendations and I've heard the description for a fanfic that sounded really good but was deleted. If anyone has a copy of Not Normal by VirginiaGiver, could you send me a copy?
Thank you!
Tags: category: deleted/moved, category: recs, character: blaine anderson, character: dave karofsky, character: kurt hummel, character: sue sylvester, genre: slash, media: fanfic, pairing: blaine/kurt, theme: bullying, theme: cheerleader!kurt, theme: episode related, theme: friendship, theme: hurt/comfort, theme: protective, theme: team (dalton/warblers)
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