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Unique Kurt/Blaine Soulmate!AU

It's been ages since I used glee finders so apologies if my tagging is a mess!
I'm looking for a specific Klaine soulmate!AU (of which there are many) based off of an unusual premise. In the fic, you know you've found your soulmate if you turn your head to the left (maybe right?) when you kiss them. I remember in the fic, the first time Kurt and Blaine try to kiss they don't turn the proper direction and there's a prolonged period of angst when they both want to be each other's soulmate but believe they aren't meant to be. Eventually they try again and the correct head turning is acheived.
From what I can recall, the fic was posted on tumblr which I think is to blame for some of my difficulty finding it.
I remember so much detail from this fic and it's incredibly frustrating that I just can't seem to find it. Any help would be much appreciated!
Of course, I found the fic myself immediately after making this post.
No Love For You Like Mine by lurkdusoleil
Tags: *found, category: specific search, character: blaine anderson, character: kurt hummel, media: fanfic, pairing: blaine/kurt, theme: au

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