Leo Hutchins (Leo Hutchins) wrote in gleefinders,
Leo Hutchins
Leo Hutchins

Darkblaine fics

I am lookig for a series of fics. Some wete connected some werent. One that i remember the most was peterpan style. Blaine was peterpan and he stalks kurt for a few nights before taking him to never land. When they arrive jeff is killed for getting to comfy. Another fic was two mafia fics. The first is klaine has a son tommy or tony and kurt ran away with him. Blaine tracks them down and brings them back, one scene is he pushes kurt agaisnt a wall or holds him by his throat. The second was kurts phnishmsnt he is tied to the bed and punished sexually. If anyone knows the series i am talking about it would be helpful. It might have been ao3 or fanfic.net

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