Leo Hutchins (Leo Hutchins) wrote in gleefinders,
Leo Hutchins
Leo Hutchins

Dark klaine fic

Hi i am looking for a fic, it was a onshot mixed with a few others. I remember kurt and blaine had a son, blaine was in the mafia and kurt ran away. blaine tracks him down to an apartment and breaks the door down, kurt has a knife but is frozen. Blaine pushes kurt agaisnt a wall by his neck when their son comes out. it ends with blaine picking up the son and walking out, wes and david dragging kurt out with them. ITs a darkblaine, he loves kurt and i beleive kurt loved blaine but was afraid and thats why he ran. I know there was another one shot that went with it that involved kurts punishment. IF anyone knows what i am talking about it would be very helpful.
If i have forgotten a tag please inform me an i will adjust it. thank you very much
Tags: character: blaine anderson, character: kurt hummel, pairing: blaine/kurt, theme: dark/evil, theme: possessive, ~

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