Debris K. (debris_k) wrote in gleefinders,
Debris K.

mod: Looking for a new gleefinders mod

I've decided to take a break from modding full time so I'm looking for a (co-)mod to keep an eye on this comm, and poke folks into obeying the rules. Other duties involve keeping the tags and tagging in reasonable good shape, and interacting with all the wonderful, special folks here.

If you have experience with lj comms or just on lj in general and like things orderly, it might just be the job/hobby for you - send me a line and we can PM the details.

Just an end note that if I can't find someone to keep an eye on the comm I'll have to decide whether I want to orphan it and close it down - I won't delete it, as I think it's a solid fannish resource, but I don't want to leave it unattended either, that way chaos (and endlessly needless uses of the *unanswered tag >.< ) lie. So if you're not applying because you think someone else might do it instead, please think it over and apply anyway, there's just not that many mod-wannabes out there as one might think.

I'm really hoping I can find someone, or in the ideal case more than one person, to take over the comm either temporarily or for good. If you think you're the right person for the job, apply now! :)
Tags: !mod

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