rinapraval (rinapraval) wrote in gleefinders,

kurt/blaine angsty car accident/hospital fic

Hello! I hope someone can help me find this fic: From what I can remember, Burt and Blaine were in a car accident. Burt was driving but he lost consciousness. To save him, Blaine takes the wheel and turns the car so he gets the brunt of the hit. What follows are some tragic, tear-jerking scenes in the hospital, especially when the Andersons decide that they need to pull the plug on Blaine. Kurt begins to say goodbye but Blaine wakes up. That's the last chapter I've read, and I'm dying to see what comes next.

Please point me in the right direction! Thank you!
Tags: category: specific search, character: burt hummel, pairing: blaine/kurt, theme: angst, theme: hurt/comfort, theme: illness/injury

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