LOL, SCONE (rolling_scone) wrote in gleefinders,

college AU klaine

hey everyone!

I'm looking for a fic which has been niggling my brain for a while now.

both Kurt and Blaine are at college (can't remember where but probably NY) but they have never met. I believe Kurt is a year or two above Blaine. Blaine is really looking forward to doing the whole college hookup thing because he thinks that is how everyone behaves in college. his first week he hooks up with Kurt who is genuinely interested in him, and the morning after Blaine leaves with very little ado, and Kurt is left heartbroken and despairing at all men.
Kurt is part of some sort of drama group (can't remember what he's doing though, but I think he's important) and he thinks that he won't have to see Blaine again when TADAAAAA he turns up at the very next meeting and becomes part of the group to Kurt's chagrin. his behaviour towards Blaine is frosty at best, and all his buddies scratch their heads at Kurt's behaviour because they all think that Blaine is the best thing since ice cream. (because he totally is.) Blaine is befuddled and is doing his best to get Kurt to like him. Kurt thinks that this is all an act as Blaine has already proven himself to be an insensitive twat.
MUCH KURT ANGST ENSUES. it's Klaine endgame though.
Tags: *found, category: specific search, pairing: blaine/kurt, theme: au, theme: long/epic

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