bbyiknow (bbyiknow) wrote in gleefinders,

Brittany/Santana Fic Search

Happy New Year, lovely people.

I'm looking for a story (quite sure that it's a one-shot) where Brittany and Santana celebrate Christmas with Britt's family. They want to have sex, but Brittany feels it's just inappropriate and a bit of a mood killer since her parents and sister are in the house. So, they get this idea to do it in the Pierce's old car. Then the following morning, the parents ask them where they went last night; their excuse was that they used the car and drove around to look at the lights, etc. Brittany's parents knows they're lying and her Dad catches them by saying that the car they were claiming to have used hasn't started in years.

I remember loving this fic because it's funny, sweet, and hot all at the same time. Also, I'm not over Brittana Christmas feels. Sorry for the trouble! Thank you.

Tags: character: brittany s. pierce, character: santana lopez, genre: femslash, media: fanfic, pairing: brittany/santana

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