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A prison study fanfiction.

Hello guys!

So, I read this amazing fanfiction a long time ago that was about The Stanford Prison Study and Kurt being a part of it because he needed some money or something like that.

I rememeber the following points:
*The people responsible for the study devided the applicants where some would be prisoners, and others would be guards.
*I remeber Kurt (And maybe Sam) being one of the prisoners, while Karofsky and Blaine were guards.
*The applicants were paid 15$ per day, and the study was supposed to be for 2 weeks or so, but was cut short due to the violence and abuse shown by the guards, and because of how the prisoners were starting to show signs of severe anxiety and depression.
*Also I think at some point Karofsky or one of the other guards was punishing Kurt (Because he kept on fighting them or something) by locking him up in a very small,dark closet for days.
*The last thing I rememebr is that the prisoners were called by numbers and not names. Also they were forced to wear only a shirt that was just long enough to reach their thighs, while the guards were wearing a military outfit to represent their power over the prisoners.

And thats all i can remember! Sorry if it's not too much, but i'm sure that the people who read it before, would definetly know what story i'm talking about.

Thanks for the help in advance :D
Tags: *found, category: specific search, character: blaine anderson, character: dave karofsky, character: kurt hummel, character: other (male), character: sam evans, genre: gen, media: fanfic, theme: abuse/assault, theme: au, theme: other

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