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klaine Dom!blaine Sub!kurt Demon!blaine

hi!! ok so there is this one story that ive been searching for FOREVER. i don't remember the name but i do remember things that have happened in the story. the story is very long, like 70 chapters i think
1. blaine has a demonic power where he can easily kill people but to control himself he needs someone (kurt) to calm himself down..also he feels weak when he is not near kurt or when they haven't had sex ( i might be confused with a diff story but im sure its this)
2. blaines grandfather had the same power but he never got a chance to discuss this with his grandfather because he had died ( also when the dom dies, the sub dies also later that day and the same when a sub dies then the dom dies later that day.. its like a conection that ends their life)
3. blaine and his father do not get a long and so later in the story blaine ends up killing him
4. later in this story kurt ends up getting a friend from school (blaine argued that he didn't want kurt to go to college. blaine is very demanding) and also does blaine. both friends they have ,have a crush on them but soon they meet each other(kurts idea) and develop a relationship. also i believe blaine almost killed kurts friend once but kurt distracted him with sex. (again might be from diff story)
5. blaine finds his grandfathers best friend and that man helps blaine to understand his powers and etc.
6. blaine and kurt meet an older couple who are the exact same as kurt and blaine. blaine feels like the couple is strange while kurt believes the women (sub) wants to really be friends. turns out the couple was trying to kill them both but blaine ends up killing the women slowly in front of the dom then eventually killing the dom himself.
7. i also remeber a part where blaine gets a small cage and leaves kurt in there, as i said they are in a dom/sub relationship, kurt is left in there and i think stays in there most of the day and cries until blaine comes for him..
8. seriously there is just a LOT of sex in this story xD
9. now the ending i remember clearly because i couldnt stop crying. it ends with kurt and blaine growing old together and then kurt begins to get sick and eventually he dies in blaines arms. at the funeral blaine turns to there two friends (from college) and says goodbye to them as they know he is going to die (they are about 80? also blaine and kurt eventually told the two friends about blaines power). the next part is a man talking on the phone and exits his house to see blaine dead on the sidewalk. blaine was holding 'something' in his hands that had to do with kurt, im not sure but i think it was the first 'collar' he gave kurt or it might have been a cuff that he kept all those years. then it says that blaine had woken up and looked around to see a house and a younger version of kurt, and kurt says 'welcome home' or some thing like that and basically blaine has forever with kurt in this like heaven area (blaine also wakes up looking young)

if anyone can help me, i will worship you forever! i have read this story once and now i really wanna read it again. also i had read it on
Thank you!!!!!
Tags: *found, category: specific search, character: blaine anderson, character: blaine's dad - mr. anderson, character: kurt hummel, character: other (male), genre: het, genre: slash, media: fanfic, pairing: blaine/kurt, pairing: other (m/f), theme: bdsm, theme: dark/evil, theme: family, theme: jealousy, theme: long/epic, theme: supernatural/were-/fantasy

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