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Crossover Big Bang Fest Promo

Have you ever wanted to write that really crazy Glee-related crossover fic that's been bouncing around in your head ever since the pilot episode of Season 1?

Check out the just-launched Glee Crossover Big Bang Challenge over at LJ and sign up!

Important Dates
January 30 - February 27: Writer sign-up is open
February 27 - March 27: Artist/vidder/mixer is open
May 4: Check-in to see how it's going
June 1: Rough drafts & fic summaries due
June 3-10: Fic summaries posted and artists/vidders/mixers can claim a work to create a companion fic
July 6: Final fic drafts due
July 13: Art/videos/mixes due
July 16: Posting begins!

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