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Klaine angst - addiction/alcoholism

I'm looking for fics where Kurt or Blaine has an addiction, and they're in a relationship with each other. I would prefer the relationship be established when one of them becomes an addict, but that isn't crucial. I mostly want stories where they fight the addiction together and is less about the downward spiral and more about the upward climb, but I'm honestly good for anything. Oneshots, multi-chaptered, anything. And I don't have a preference on who is the one with the addiction (though I expect Blaine will be more common).

Situations I'm most interested in:

-They're married/in a very serious relationship when one of them becomes an addict and the other one doesn't know whether to stay and save them or leave for their own safety and sanity
-They break up which leads to one of them turning to drugs/alcohol
-They break up because of the addiction
-They have kids together and are divorcing so part of the custody nightmare is that whoever has the addiction might lose the kids
-They have kids together and the addiction affects the kid(s)
-Kurt and Blaine have been broken up for a while and they meet again and one of them is an addict

Thanks for all the help.
Tags: category: recs, character: blaine anderson, character: kurt hummel, media: fanfic, pairing: blaine/kurt, theme: angst, theme: breakup, theme: drinking/drugs, theme: future!fic, theme: hurt/comfort

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