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[mod] Another quick reminder to all our posters...

..about our #2 rule, which goes like this:
As the entry's subject put a short description (summary) of your search (preferably one sentence or less) that covers the major points of what you're looking for. If you don't know how to sum up your request looking at its tags should give you an idea of the basics.
Generic subject lines like Lost a Story or [character or pairing] fics don't do your post justice; instead, try for something that says it all in a nutshell, e.g. fics in which Brittany talks to ducklings, the drawing in which Kurt gets his dream first kiss?, the one in which everyone breaks out in song at McKinley to the Glee club's amazement and/or horror, etc.

You can make your description as long as the subject line allows, or as short as your request does, but it should contain more than the bare basics. We'll all benefit from it.

Thank you for helping make the comm a happy, spiffy and easy to navigate — thanks to the subject lines and tags — place!

one of your mods
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