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Blaine Loses His Memory

Looking for a Klaine Fan-Fiction were something happen before the story began which cause Blaine to lose his memory of Kurt. And his parent try to keep it that way by not telling Blaine about and Kurt not letting Kurt see Blaine. But Kurt and Blaine meet anyway and start dating again. (Blaine has no knowledge of his past relationship with Kurt at the time) Blaine finds out later in the story about hat his Parent did and get mad. Sorry it short but I read this a while ago and want to now if it has been updated up and I can't find it Also again I read this a long time ago so I might have gotten some of the detail wrong so if you know something similar to this but some things are different please still post it because it could turn out to be what I am looking for Thank You For You Help
Tags: pairing: blaine/kurt, theme: friendship, theme: hurt/comfort, theme: other

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