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There's a story I read a while ago. It wasn't "A Change in the Weather", but it had a sort of similar set-up, except I think everybody was older than they are in ACITW. Kurt is Sebastian's pretend-boyfriend, to improve Sebastian's reputation. (It also wasn't "Life in Technicolor".) I don't remember if it was Sebastian's family or his job that made it so he had to improve his reputation, and I don't remember if this was a finished fic or a WiP. I believe the situation between them had been going on for some time, and the thing was that Sebastian had gradually fallen in love with Kurt, while Kurt was still all "La la la I am a baby penguin, nobody could really find me sexy," and was being totally oblivious while Sebastian was trying more and more to make him see how much he actually wanted him.

I'd really like to read it again! :-D
Tags: *unanswered, category: specific search, character: kurt hummel, character: sebastian smythe, genre: slash, media: fanfic, pairing: kurt/sebastian, theme: future!fic, theme: misunderstanding

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