eniimsaj (eniimsaj) wrote in gleefinders,

Help finding a Sam/Kurt fic with the glee club in a bus accident

I've been going crazy trying to find this fic i read a LONG time ago, possibly over a year.

Kurt and Sam were together, and the glee club was taking a bus somewhere for nationals or regionals i believe. They went ice skating, snuck out early the next day to go out for breakfast and the bus ended up crashing I think when Kurt was up in the aisle singing.

So the fic features a lot of Sam in the hospital after, not sure if Kurt made it. I think he keeps going back and fourth where he's with Kurt and then he isn't, and Kurt didn't make it. Idk it was so long ago and the fic wasn't even finished but I loved that beginning and I wanted a friend to read it.

I doubt anyone does, but if anyone remembers it or if it sounds at least a little familiar please let me know!!! I'm not a huge fic reader so I've been desperate these past few days to find it because i remember getting really into it.
Tags: category: specific search, character: kurt hummel, character: sam evans, pairing: kurt/sam

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